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Demand analysis and project planning

The ultimate success of a project depends largely on how carefully the customer's requirements have been gauged at the very beginning. Based on a preliminary study and rough design, we perform a demand analysis in close co-operation with you. Considering that construction costs become increasingly inflexible with the progress of the works, it is important to ensure that planning will be efficient right from the start.

Specifications and negotiations

It is in the design phase that a project is given its first concrete shape. We develop the specifications and perform the initial cost estimate. In addition to handling planning and conducting negotiations with authorities and utilities, we draw up an outline time schedule for planning and implementing the project, all to the most exacting standards.

Tender and award procedure

The general planners at Forstner's handle the tendering procedure for you. This naturally includes an evaluation of bids on which pricing and contract negotiations are then based. You can be sure that in assessing the bids we take account of all aspects that influence the choice of contractors: our in-depth knowledge of the construction business allows us to select exactly the right partners for you.

Quality control and final acceptance

We of Forstner's do not contribute any actual construction work to your project so that your interests are at the heart of our own interests. The best quality at a reasonable price and at the right time, adherence to the most stringent quality criteria and observance of the time schedule: this should be the yardstick to apply when it comes to our performance.

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